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iPhone 5 Repair Guide | Learn to Repair iPhones

  • How to safely open up the iPhone 5
  • How to Perfectly Replace Broken Displays
  • Fitting New Speakers
  • How to Fix an iPhone 5 with a Poor Battery
  • Fixing iPhones with Broken Casing or Glass
  • Over 20 Unique Major iPhone 5 Repair Jobs!

Exactly what I was looking for! I cracked my iPhone 5 screen 2 weeks after I bought it. Pretty dumb, I know! I got quoted £240 for the repair at my local tech-repair shop which seemed a bit steep. So I decided to look online for alternatives.

I got this course and it showed where to get a new screen for half the price of the standard websites and the repair instructions were really east to follow. Also, tonnes of other repairs if I encounter any more problems with my beloved i5.

– Karen Woods, Leeds, UK


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